Friday, August 17, 2007

On to the next one!

The photo is of Bamburgh Castle viewed from Lindisfarne

Having finished the first volume of the Chronicles, I have just begun the immediate sequel. The second volume actually has three very different parts, the first being the continuation of Ian's life and adventures. We begin with the Short War between the Fighshuvli and the Norrungs -- not the nicest way to begin married life, but there you have it. We pick up following Hranild's death.

The exploration continues!

UPDATE: I lied. These things keep growing on me. The sequel will be the continuation of Ian's life and adventures. That will constitute a book in itself. Then we get to the life and adventures of his children, a separate book. For now (November 2007) I have been very busy fleshing out the world, redrawing maps with much more detail and tracking the family trees and movements of peoples and the history of the early church. It is so nice to be able to imagine enlightened missionaries of an enlightened faith.


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