Monday, January 01, 2007

Ian Ninefingers update

(Merry 8th Day of Christmas)

Yes, fans of Mithernesse, Ian acquired many nicknames over the course of his life. One does not become an epic hero without nicknames. He is also called Darkslayer, Ian the Star-Beloved, and He Who Comes from Beyond the World. He will simply be Inje to his future wife.

The last time I posted here, the Princess Gizli was plotting. While not everything went according to her plans, her chief goal was accomplished, in consequence of which, our brave companions are now on their way to her homeland, the Island of Hlv. Her mother was introduced in the last chapter I finished. A reunion of sorts is in the offing.

While some nasty types have perished between Gizli's plot and now, many more good men and women have set out toward the Veiled One's hall. Eagles and buzzards and even a condor have had their parts to play, in addition to a bear and the beloved wolf. The basic nature of three very different thieves has emerged.

I shall not speak here of the Chegjan.

Ian himself, a lad of only sixteen years at this point, is both more forceful and more reserved.

The women of Vorthall are harboring secrets.

And I, to my ongoing amazement, have passed 165,000 words and am still going strong.

May Hjelgi guide your steps aright in the new year.


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