Friday, September 15, 2006

It grows and grows and....

Hello, friends, enemies, strangers, fans, and anybody else who stops by.

I have moved from California to New Mexico. Huge change. 'Nuff said.

After a writing hiatus for packing, traveling, and initial unpacking, the story has resumed. I am currently in the middle of chapter 42. This little romp has become a full novel. Tons of fun for the writer, I hope the adventure, romance, travelogue, cultural and spiritual imaginings, and character development are half as much entertainment for readers.

Our brave band of "demon chasers" has journeyed through Hlfin and Thioth, headed west, fallen into a trap and been separated into two parties, and intrigues are afoot. Parental Advisory: atrocities are witnessed. Fortunately, for author and audience alike, there is also humor, battles of the wits, and romance to balance out the misery and evil that are part of the tale. Can't have heroes without worthy causes and worthy opponents.

The Princess Gizli of Hlv has been plotting. We shall soon see what comes of it. How much of Annabelle's nightmare is real? And whom did I kill off a few chapters ago?

So much to ponder.

Ciao for niao!


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