Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sailing to Fimmoth

Fimmoth, Ulnor, and Hlv
Maps, art, text all (c) 2006 P E Strid

Ian and his companions have journeyed down the Mither River to the port city of Mimmoth. From their they left with the intent of sailing along the coast of the Mere to the River Fiona. On the way they were essentially captured by Count Furk of Vothnell who wants to take over the expedition. With a much larger party they set forth, again, for Fimmoth on the Fiona. There they learn of political troubles to the north and a brutal ruler (who wasn't modeled on George W. Bush, honest, though a resemblance does emerge, I am sad to report). They also encounter a charming fellow whose path has paralleled theirs. Coincidence? Stalking? What is he up to and who are the companions he denies? What to make of the beautiful Lady Athnel, star singer of the Vothneli? Is Ian lost in all these threads? Ah, we shall have to see. Now they head upriver where further adventures await them.
Currently at the beginning of Chapter 26 as the tale approaches 100 pages. Be of good cheer, fans of Mithernesse! There should be time next week to see what happens in Fjorn. Our heroes draw ever nearer to the Chegjan.
Who would trust a dishonest man
Place faith in a known thief?
Strange the paths we sometimes travel
Senjir* whirls and we must follow
--The Deed of Ian
* Senjir the Dancer, first sign of the Mithron zodiac, goddess of creation


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