Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Deed of Ian

I have had some fun getting started with The Bishop of Fera but the beginning of the entire Mithernesse cycle kept tugging at me. So, the retelling of the Mithron epic The Deed of Ian (known in Mithron as 'n Dorch Iroh from the opening words), has engaged all my storytelling energy for a while now. The first fifteen chapters are written, with Ian William Dyrnedon crossing from Yorkshire in 1706 into the Forest of Norrast. There he finds himself in the world of a warrior society recovering from the ravages of a plague, compounded by depression personified as a demon.

Dorch’ iroh ‘n laitha choj nudh ti nij
Ovni n oichevi cojdivi di’n aithna
Thjo vù jethig Njothir du’n talla ti’n a’ir
At li tjò tjern faic tri bas merdh lag cai’l

Dark the days in the misty north
Fearful the nights in forests deep
When Njothir came to his father’s hall
To see his lord lie still in death

Further updates from time to time.


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