Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yes, it's finished!!!! (Trumpets, please.)

On Wednesday, July 25, 2007, I wrote the last words of the book I began on April 1, 2006. Given the size of that sucker, it's pretty fast.

Our young hero, Ian, has traveled to the far west and back once more to Vorthall of the Norrungs. All in a mere (brace yourselves) 255,000 words. I do rattle on, but all my friends and acquaintances know that by now.
Holy Isle of Vios (c) 2007 by PES
The map above is of the sacred island where our adventurers accomplish a pilgrimage of sorts, stopping at several shrines to offer thanks and pay their respects. The noble lady star singer finished sorting out her questions there and finally commits to her adoring beau. The simple but nerve-wracking rites of the Dark Queen, held in a cavern, allow Ian to chat with the goddess of death through her high priestess. His relationship with the Veiled One is far too intimate for comfort.

Well, the tale is told. A few copies are made so friends can enjoy and offer critiques (I hope constructive--creative types have such frail egos, you know). I have already begun planning and plotting for the immediate sequel, one of the tales that was not part of my imaginings back in the early 70s when the whole series began.

So, if anyone has stopped by here and wondered if I was still writing or whether the novel had shipwrecked, now you know.

There are several more books in this series. Would that I were independently wealthy and could just write, tend my garden, visit friends, do church stuff, and travel. In the meantime....
--the Bear


At 11:55 AM, January 31, 2008, Blogger Grendel said...

I want to read your book! Can I go to


At 9:10 PM, February 01, 2008, Blogger Paul said...

Why, Grendel, how very kind of you to want to read my book. It isn't published yet. A few folks are reading prepublication copies to help me make revisions, then I have to find an agent. I hope you will some day be able to read it!

Thanks for stopping by here.

I will be sure to tell everybody on both my blogs when it is published.


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