Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chapter the Second

It was one of those grungy days, full of clouds and puddles (and sniffles if you weren’t careful), when you would normally stay inside and think of all the things you could be doing if only the rain would stop. But not Jonathan Grubbley. While others stayed in from breakfast to tea, minded their nannies, and read books by the fireplace, Jonathan could be counted on to brave the tempest and get his person most thoroughly drenched. And so he did.

Donning his raincoat and rubbers—Jonathan was not a totally perverse lad and certainly not stupid—he proceeded down the back steps, though the kitchen and drying room, and out into the yard. The first task which confronted him was circumnavigating a large pool of water that had assembled itself where the gravel path normally lay. Jonathan’s eyes scanned first to the left where they encountered the hedge, then to the right where the water seemed not to vanish any sooner than the horizon met the sky. Since his eyes were managing so poorly, Jonathan next employed his feet. They worked magnificently! Of course, as they boldly forged forward they also plunged into the horrendous pool, but adventures do not always begin auspiciously. Jonathan, being a very bright youth, was aware of this profound truth and consoled himself therewith. After all, he know this was going to develop into some sort of adventure. Besides, this was a splashy good beginning, come to think of it, and a bloody bit better than doing sums or just sitting around the house all day.


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