Saturday, January 21, 2006

Brace yourselves for an adventure

It was a grungy night shift with hysteria flooding the dishroom and occasional vacuums forming in the thought-warp when Jonathan Grubbley sprang half-grown from the author’s cloven mind. From thence a thousand streams flowed into the Isa River and the Mither grew from a teardrop into a mighty mere. The author am thanking some of those many tributaries which watered the Wolmsley Wood. His appreciation goes to Lesley for the opportunity, to John and Clives and Pooh for nourishment, to Mira for asylum, to Megan for obstacles, to Liz for a myth, to Carolyn for the inspired pigshed, to el and JMC for names, to Ed and the Regents for use of the Selectric II, to the Budwomen for bedtimes, and to so many others for flattery, encouragement, and the willing suspension of disbelief. And finally he am expressing his gratitude (for so many wondrous things) to his early and ever faithful inspirers to whom he am now dedicating this, his first major prose attempt—for the Faerie Queene Gloriana and Cap’n Poseidon.

Paul E Strid
November 1972


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